MSI Katana 15 i7-13620H with RTX 4070, Gaming Performance Review

This Gaming laptop comes with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 with 16GB DDR5 memory which is good for gaming. Also features Gen 4 NVME SSD storage which is significantly faster than the standard HDD or Gen 3 SSD. 

Processor: Intel i7-13620H 3.7Ghz boost upto 5.0Ghz

GPU: GeForce RTX 4070 (8GB)

Display: 2560 x 1600, 165hz with G-SYNC

RAM: 16GB DDR5 Memory (MHz4800 DDR5) can be upgraded upto 64GB with DDR5 MHz4800 RAM

SSD:  1TB Gen 4 (NVMe M.2)

Release Date: January 2024 in USA.

Model: ‎Katana 15 B13VGK-2000US


This MSI Katana 15 RTX4070 8GB VRAM with i7-13620H Gaming Performance FPS Table/Chart

GAMESETTING (1080p)Average FPS WITHOUT DLSS/FSRAverage FPS WITH DLSS/FSRFPS with DLSS/FSR and Frame generationRecommended GPU for Max Graphic Setting
Ghost of TsushimaUltra1080p-70FPS/1440p-55FPS/4k-25FPS1080p-85FPS/1440p-80FPS/4k-45FPS1080p-100FPS/1440p-90FPS/4k-60FPSRTX 3070TI or AMD 6600XT
Senua's Sage Hellblade 2High1080p-50FPS/1440p-45FPS/4k-20FPS1080p-65FPS/1440p-55FPS/4k-30FPS1080p-75FPS/1440p-85FPS/4k-40FPSRTX 3080 or RTX 4070TI or AMD RX 6800 XT
HellDivers 2Ultra1080p-75FPS/1440p-60FPS/4k-30FPS1080p-88FPS/1440p-70FPS/4k-40FPSNARTX 4070 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX
Avatar: Frontiers of PandoraVery High1080p-70FPS/1440p-55FPS/4k-30FPS1080p-85FPS/1440p-70FPS/4k-40FPS1080p-95FPS/1440p-80FPS/4k-60FPSRTX 4070 / RX 7800
Pal WorldEPIC1080p-80FPS/1440p-75FPS/4k-55FPS1080p-95FPS/1440p-80FPS/4k-65FPSNAGeForce RTX 2070,  AMD Radeon 5700 XT
Alan Wake 2High1080p-40FPS/1440p-30FPS/4k-20FPS1080p-45FPS/1440p-40FPS/4k-25FPS1080p-70FPS/1440p-65FPS/4k-40FPSGeForce RTX 4070Ti / Radeon RX 7800
Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom LibertyUltra1080p-80FPS/1440p-70FPS/4k-50FPS1080p-95FPS/1440p-80FPS/4k-60FPS1080p-105FPS/1440p-80FPS/4k-65FPSRTX 2080 Super, RTX 3070 or Radeon RX. 6800 XT and RTX 4070 For RT Over Drive Setting.
The Last of Us Part IHigh1080p-67FPS/1440p-57FPS/4k-30FPS1080p-80FPS/1440p-70FPS/4k-45FPS1080p-90FPS/1440p-80FPS/4k-60FPSAMD Radeon RX 6600 XT (8 GB) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070ti (8 GB) 
Hogwarts LegacyVery High1080p-75FPS/1440p-60FPS/4k-40FPS1080p-90FPS/1440p-80FPS/4k-55FPS1080p-100FPS/1440p-90FPS/4k-60FPSRTX 2080 Super, RTX 3070 or Radeon RX. 6800 XT for 1080p
StarfieldHigh1080p-65FPS/1440p-50FPS/4k-30FPS1080p-75FPS/1440p-60FPS/4k-35FPS1080p-85FPS/1440p-74FPS/4k-45FPSAMD Radeon RX 7900 XT or RTX 4070 for 1080p
Resident Evil 4 RemakeVery High1080p-85FPS/1440p-75FPS/4k-45FPS1080p-95FPS/1440p-85FPS/4k-60FPSNARTX 3070TI or Radeon RX. 6800 XT
Watch Dogs LegionUltra1080p-75FPS/1440p-70FPS/4k-55FPS1080p-85FPS/1440p-80FPS/4k-65FPSNARTX 4060/RTX 3070/ or Radeon RX 6800 XT
Elden Ring 2022Max1080p-70FPS/1440p-60FPS/4k-30FPSNANARTX 4070 or Radeon RX. 6800 XT/ RTX 3080
Baldur’s Gate 3Ultra1080p-120FPS/1440p-100FPS/4k-75FPS1080p-150FPS/1440p-120FPS/4k-80FPSNARTX 3070 or RX 6800 XT
God Of War 2022Ultra1080p-80FPS/1440p-75FPS/4k-40FPS1080p-90FPS/1440p-85FPS/4k-50FPSNAAMD Radeon RX 6600 XT (8 GB) or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070ti (8 GB) 
Red Dead Redemption 2Ultra1080p-75FPS/1440p-70FPS/4k-40FPS1080p-85FPS/1440p-90FPS/4k-50FPSNARTX 3070 or Radeon RX. 6800 XT

Benchmark Tests of Intel i7-13620H

Here are the typical benchmark scores you can expect for this processor:

Cinebench single-core Cinebench multi-core
GeekBench v6 single-core GeekBench v6 multi-core
PassMark 3DMark Time Spy CPU Score
PCMark 10 Blender (bmw27 Benchmark)
Render Time: Approximately 200-220 seconds

Here are the key specifications Of Intel i7-i7-13620H:

  • Architecture: Raptor Lake
  • Number of Cores: 10 (6 Performance-cores + 4 Efficient-cores)
  • Number of Threads: 16
  • Base Clock Speed:
    • Performance-cores: 3.60 GHz
    • Efficient-cores: 2.60 GHz
  • Max Turbo Frequency:
    • Performance-cores: 4.90 GHz
    • Efficient-cores: 3.60 GHz
  • Cache:
    • L3 Cache: 18 MB
    • L2 Cache: 9.5 MB
  • TDP (Thermal Design Power):
    • Base: 45W
    • Maximum Turbo Power: 115W
  • Integrated Graphics: Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • Memory Support:
    • DDR5-5200
    • DDR4-3200
    • LPDDR5/x-6400
    • LPDDR4x-4267
  • Max Memory Size: 64 GB
  • PCI Express Version: 4.0
  • Max Number of PCI Express Lanes: 20
  • Launch Date: 2023

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